The Case of the Microgreen Farmer

Marcus was a hardworking Microgreens Farmer in San Francisco that sold his produce at several farmer’s markets throughout the city. People loved his greens so much that they would travel all over the city to get them. Marcus was not the only Microgreens person around, and it’s actually pretty easy to start your own business, which is how Marcus go into Microgreens after all. However, Marcus was the best, until his plants started weltering and making people sick.  

Marcus hadn’t changed anything about his operation, rather he was sticking to his tried and true methods, so he was just as surprised as his customers when his crops weren’t coming out the way he expected. He had some farming friends come in and check out what was going on, and they ran some samples on his soil, and it turns out that his crops had been poisoned. Someone had tampered with his soil.  

He was livid, rightfully so, and came to me for help. I decided to first take stock of who had access to his house, where he grew the Microgreens. Marcus lives alone and the only person that ever comes to visit is his sister, Kara. We both knew that she couldn’t have done it, so someone must have got something into his soil when he was at a farmer’s market and brought samples along to show his customers.  

From there, the case was easy. Marcus has several competitors, but none more so than Quinn, another Microgreens Farmer who started before Marcus and lost many of his customers when Marcus started up shop. Quinn was furious with Marcus and wanted to get him back.  

I knew that it had to be Quinn, so we decided to set up some cameras and have Marcus leave his soil attended at the next market. Sure enough, when he left, Quinn dumped rat poison into the soil. We had it all on camera so he couldn’t deny it. Marcus felt bad about stealing his customers, though, and decided not to press chargers. The two are now working together on expanding their farms!